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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Aug 21, 2021

Joe, Mike and Cretched / Capital Riot and Joe / Alex Jones Clips of the week / Fox Nation UFO Specials / No Alien Abduction in the mainstream news? / Medium woman in relationship with the ghost of Michael Jackson / Open Lives / Blowtorch on the souless shots / Boo-Berry / Teddy Spaghetti on kid-friendly UFOs / Covid Headlines / Woman loves Chimp at zoo / Cantainship tries again / No PS5s / UK Curse Words / End

End Song: "Farty the Giraffe" by Salvage 

Renowned physicist analyzes declassified UFO footage on a new ‘Tucker Carlson Originals’ : AUDIO

'I'm married to ghost of Michael Jackson but we don't bonk - he just wants to eat cookies'

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