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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Apr 29, 2021

Mike, James Cruz and Cretched / Cruzin with Steak Podcast / Gods, Among Us movie clips / Star Language / Crop Circles and Jupiter / Crab Person Video / NPR thinks you are crazy / Open Lines / Toilet News / Man smuggles birds

End Song: "Cobweb Moon" by So Am I

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Apr 24, 2021

Mike and Rhianna join the show / I, Tonya / Strange figure on road / haunted roads in Aussie / Bigfoot in Vietnam / Cretched calls in / Asian men cam women /   Open Lines / End 

The Naked Gardener, My wife's channel:

Mystery figure appears on highway at night

Apr 22, 2021

Mike and Cretched join the show / YouTube Free Speech Award / Hulu Bigfoot Series / Bigfoot and Woman have sex in Washington State / Dino on Cam in Florida / UFO News / Open Lines / Joe calls in / Strange news / Taco Juice / Man marries 5 in 37 days / Guy in Italy gets barely works job / Awesome Chinese Muscle Suites...

Apr 17, 2021

Cretched and Mike join the show / Mike's audio is strange on YouTube / JCVD talk / Deagle and MIT predict some dire events for humanity / prediction models are fuzzy / UFO Navy Update / Tucker Fox News clip / These UFO swarms maybe Chinese / Someone has to know something / Why don't the aliens just talk to us / Aliens...

Apr 15, 2021

Mike and Cretched / Abs and a Six Pack Podcast / Mike has a tick problem / Aliens want your soul / Strange Sheep Formation / UFO Triangle / Usher Money / Pizza Robot / Open Lines


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