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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Apr 17, 2021

Cretched and Mike join the show / Mike's audio is strange on YouTube / JCVD talk / Deagle and MIT predict some dire events for humanity / prediction models are fuzzy / UFO Navy Update / Tucker Fox News clip / These UFO swarms maybe Chinese / Someone has to know something / Why don't the aliens just talk to us / Aliens and NDEs / Sam Tripoli on OBDM in 2 weeks / Open Lines / Jordon thinks the elite thinks us humans are sheep / BigDTB has a paranormal live / Mike says use your dreams to communicate / Sgt. Slaughter on the Tic Tac UFO / End 

End Song: Misled by 1point3. Written by Midnight Mike and Spanky

== END OF THE USA 2040
2040 the world will collapse — This MIT computer has confirmed it

Deagel and Now MIT Predicts Dramatic Death Drop In 2020 and The “End” in 2040… : from 2018

Navy spots pyramid-shaped UFOs on video, Pentagon confirms : AUDIO

FBI Met Aliens From Other Dimension In 1947, Who Just Wanted Peace With Humans

Prince Philip was fascinated by UFOs : AUDIO

Tucker reacts to video of UFO confirmed by Pentagon

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