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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Jul 29, 2017

Mike, Joe and Clownbaby take calls about monsters, hackers and what not. It's an OK just. Not great, not bad, but right in the middle. Oh there's some JFK conspiracy talk too.

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ...

Jul 27, 2017

Joe and Clownbaby joins the show / Joe likes shotguns / Snopes GoFundMe Problems / The Boggy Creek Monster / Small Town Monster / What does the Monster look like / Every OBDM show is the same show / Boggy Balls / North American Ape / Invasions at chestnut ridge / UFO Crash in Pennsylvania / Break / Bills / Monsters:...

Jul 23, 2017

Mike and Joe has a nice long talk about absolutely nothing. They take calls and a few drinks and basically just chill. Basically. Oh yeah, Joe get's super hammered.


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Jul 20, 2017

Joe and Clownbaby joins the show / Mike is hung over / 3Teeth Show / Coco Loco / OBDM Bitcoin / Missing 411 / Neanderthals and Bigfoot / People being hunting by groups of bigfoot / Human-Ape Hybrids by Stalin / Genesplicing / Minneapolis Shooting / Austrailian Woman Shot by cops / Fake Shooting Conspiracy / Strange Dad...

Jul 16, 2017

Mike talks about a 1893 Book that has a character named Baron Trump, who travels to inner Earth to reach Russia. It's all crazy. People call in and Joe and Clownbaby are there too. Clownbaby snorts some strange stuff he bought off Amazon. He's pretty much insane.


Time Traveling Trump

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