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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Dec 21, 2018

This is a jump in audio at about 20min
Because I lost the audio only mp3 for the fist 17min, so I had to use the YouTube audio, it may seem over compressed but it evens out after 20in. Who the hell cares but me, right?

Joe and Mike on the show / Jingle Bingle / Night Talk talk / PewDiePie vs The Wall Street Journal / Is PewDiePie Alt-Right? / Patreon talk / Lenny Bruce / Bob from Missouri calls in and talks about this Grandmother / ExplodingMonkey Calls in / Missing Skier talk / Missing 411 talk / Joe talks about the Browns and media hype / Mysterious Lights at Vanderberg Air Force Base / German Fake News / Chris from Memphis calls in about the Legacy Media / Are Artits liars? / The Forbidden Cave in Canada / Caller talks about NASA and owen benjamin / Joe's experience with Homophobia /
Caller is blamed for his brothers drug use / New Loch Ness Monster Video / Jack Meoffer calls in about life problems / Joe and Mike try to get life advice / Man Shot at for being Bigfoot / Joe Rupe from Lighting the Void Podcast Calls in / The John of God story / Paranormal activity in Brazil / End

#### NEWS ####

PewDiePie blasts the Wall Street Journal in light of hackers’ “apology letter”

Mysterious Light Appears In The Sky After Rocket Launch Canceled At Vandenberg Air Force Base

Germany’s Der Spiegel Says Reporter Made Up Facts

Trump to Withdraw Troops from Syria [???]

Loch Ness Monster PROOF? Mysterious beast with ‘4ft neck’ SPOTTED in bombshell photo

Report: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Sent Beard Hair to Azealia Banks to Make Magical Amulet

Montana man claims he was shot at by gunman who mistook him for Bigfoot

Matter can travel to the future through black holes, predicts new theory

Terror suspect who ‘drove truck into Manhattan bike path and killed eight people’ on Halloween 2017 was being wiretapped by the FBI the day BEFORE the attack

Brexit Revote? Calls for a Second Referendum Grow Louder

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