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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Jul 23, 2015

Joe and Night Ripper hold down the show / Mike can't take the SJW talk / Mike can't stop watching Star Trek, The Next Generation / Mike talks about jurassic world / Mike and Joe both like to drink alcohol at movie theatres / Being cut off by the bartenders / Blood Storm Arcade Game / Mike's out of the art game / Planet X talk / Nibiru AKA Nemesis / Gil Broussard, Planet 7x / Nemesis, the Vacuum cleaner of the solar system / Dim Shun / NASA remains quiet about Planet X / Wormwood, from the Bible / Clownbaby, Gender Studies Expert, calls in / Break / Trump Clips of the Week / The Black Book of BlackMail / Clownbaby joins the show / Headlines / Ashley Madison Hack, NSA / China Super City / Frenzy / Steve Hawkings wants to find Aliens / Hitler Escaped To South America, new report says / Mike lets out his dog / News stories that advertise products / End