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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Dec 21, 2023

Midnight Mike and Cretch join the show / Butthole Surfers / BTO / Alex Jones Clips of the Week / East Palestine Train Derailemtn Update / Maui Wildfire Update / Hulk Hogan and Jesus / Trump of the Ballot and Colorado / Dan Aykroyd loves the paranormal / DNA on the Moon /Breathing Quota / Microsoft AI wacky / Black and White Oreo / Missing Slim Jim Car / Animals in Christmas Trees / Gingerbread Man breaking into home / Chuck E. Cheese for Sale / End

East Palestine Train
Oct: ‘A sacrifice zone’: East Palestine’s wastewater is flooding into this Ohio community

Nov:People impacted by East Palestine train derailment have Thanksgiving meal

Governor Green wants 3,000 vacation rentals converted to housing for fire survivors

Man wants to send his DNA to the Moon so that aliens can clone him

Dan Aykroyd returns with new History Channel show 'The UnBelievable'

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