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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Apr 15, 2023

Joe, Mike, and Cretched join the show / Missing Chicken Update / Arnold Doing Road Work / Ohio Man saves the world from aliens / Egg Hunt Gone Wrong / UFO Whistle Blowers / Space Forces wants UFO Data / UFO Footage Review / Drawbridge of Donations / Heading to the New Kingdom / Fun Clips from Joe / The Woke Agenda vs You / The Cultural Revolution / Crazy Game Show Audio / The Super Bowl Shuffle / Open Lines / The Chile Riots / Jeff from DC / Shatner and Mars TV Show / Star Bucks Crap Coffee / Marathon Runners / End 

UFO captured on camera during a private flight over Colombia

Joe Rogan and Bill Ottman (CEO of Minds) react to Colm Kelleher acknowledging that the U.S. has downed UFOs of unknown origin. : AUDIO

Unidentified creature filmed swimming in New Orleans lagoon

UFO Pentagon

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