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Our Big Dumb Mouth

May 25, 2023

Mike and Cretched join the show / Joe steps back for a few weeks / Alex Jones Clips of the week / Marines see Giant Black Triangle UFO / Why do aliens love America? / New Indiana Jones Movie is not good / New Little Mermaid Movie not doing well in China / AI Seance / Senators Issued Satellite Phones / To Pee Standing Up or Sitting Down / Time Traveler saves homeowners / Tipping Computers / World News / China and Canada / Bill Gates and Epstein / Chicken Beer Chicken / Bookman / End

End Song "I sit I watch I wait" by The Lost Sounds

EXCLUSIVE: Black 'half-football-field-sized' triangular UFO is seen hovering over California military base for 10 minutes before vanishing in dramatic footage taken by Marines in 2021

AI Company Says It’ll Perform a Seance on Your Dead Loved Ones

Canada elections: Justin Trudeau faces heat over Chinese meddling | WION Pulse : VIDEO

Japanese defense: China might move up plan to build world-class military by mid-21st century : VIDEO

Chinese scientists war-game hypersonic strike on US carrier group in South China Sea

Senators Issued Satellite Phones

Do aliens love America? 92% of UFO sightings take place in the United States

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