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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Dec 19, 2022

Mike, Joe and Cretched join the show / Live on No Agenda / The newly released JFK Files / The CIA and JFK / The Alien File and JFK / The Pentagon is expanding their search for aleins / X-Files clip about DNA / Car Cashes and Vaccines / Paul Pelosi Update / The Las Vegas Shooting / Update on Seth Rich Laptop / Open Lines / Maga Lizards / Aerosmith Hates Metaliica / Sending Musicians to the frontlines in Ukraine / Arbys and Christmas / High Tech Pee Defense Technology / End

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Biden releases most JFK assassination records — but withholds thousands

Tucker Carlson on JFK Assassination

CIA Director Allen Dulles' calendar entries line up EXACTLY with the memo from President Kennedy to Dulles demanding to know about MJ-12

No alien life discovered on Earth, Pentagon says, but search deepens

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