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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Nov 24, 2022

Mike and Cretched join the show / No Joe, trapped in mexico / Snack Packs / Microsong: Hooker on the corner / The Nature of Reality / David Icke and Saturn / The Moon is an amplifier / The Machine Elves and what happens when you die / Escaping the Matrix / Pentagon UFO Report / Bob Lazar MK Ultra / Mike is not sick anymore / Crazy ticket prices for concerts / Disney selling to Apple / The Failure of Star Wars / Open Lines / Andor Talk / Brown Friday / Chuck E Cheese Fight / End

End Song "Plasma Reptiles" by The 3rd Pyramid Band:

David Icke - Saturn Moon Matrix

The Planets are the Archons. Conserve energy by knowing your astrology.

Insane LDS Trip about Reality

Are We In Hell? – Howdie Mickoski

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