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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Jun 1, 2019

Mike and Joe / Joe wants longer weekends / Pissing in bottle / Mike was on the Lighting the Void radio show / Moons Flashes / Junkyard calls in / Mike can't describe the show to people / Humans warned off the moon / Joel calls in about Columbus / Media lies and Avenatti / CNN is failing / Guy uses oil to be bigger at the gym / Self imagine problems / Leon and Main call in / MLK talk / End


Mysterious flashes of light observed on the moon’s surface

Illinois Lawmakers Send Marijuana Legalization Bill To Governor’s Desk

Brazilian Bodybuilder Uses Oil Injections to Boost His Muscles to Ridiculous Proportions

Man Buys Girlfriend $99,000 Worth of Ocean as Chinese Valentine’s Day Gift

Humans are biased when it comes to beauty, study says

Warner Bros. Officially Casts Robert Pattinson as Batman

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