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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Feb 15, 2020

Mike and Cretech join the show / Tempe Arizona and the Coronavirus and racism / China Supplyline Slowdown / Joe joins the show / US Miliary preparing for the virus / Joe has weed problems / Taking a crap and piss while running / Piss Talk Live / Storm Area 51, again / Joe Biden and the Pony Soilders / Sanders and...

Feb 13, 2020

Joe, Mike and Cretched join the show / Libraries / Trump Talk and the DOJ / Pete Buttigieg is the deep state candiate / Bernie is getting robbed and slammed / Liz Warren is basicall done / Unknown Radio Signals / 71% of people wanted UFO Dissclosure / Space Force wants more Money / UFO are Demons / Irish UFO Encounter /...

Feb 8, 2020

Mike, Joe and Cretched join the show / Joe has Mono / Kirby on the previous show / things could have went differently / Seth Rich update / The FBI is hiding something / Trump fires whistleblowers / Politics meets UFOs / Coronavirus Updates / FoxxCon / End

End Song: 84 Nash - Sandful of Hand


Feb 6, 2020

#### GUEST : Kirby Ferguson ####


CIA claims it can predict some social unrest up to 5...

Feb 1, 2020

Joe, Mike and Cretched join the show / The Golden Shower / OBDM Newsleter, Sign up! / Joe is tired of being a graphic designer / Is it worth being an artist? / The Penis Man tagger has been caught / There are many Penis Men / Blaze for FLA calls in / Coronavirus updates and news / Emergency food and water / Canadian...