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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Dec 18, 2021

Joe, Mike and Cretched join the show / Go make water / Elites going to Antarctica in December / Antarctica conspiracies / Doomsday in Antarctica / UK Police see Dogman / Bigfoot, Yowie Sighting in Queensland, AUSS / Get your Boost! / We can't find links in Discord / Vaccine Data / The Mandate is back in a big way / Open Lines / Angry Leprechaun in Kentucky / Help KY / Weather Mod / Die Hard Clips / Jingle Bingle! / Top Ten Christmas Arguments / 7ft Wooden Penis in Yard update / CNN has some big problems / Deer in Canada hates Rudolph / End 

Help Kentucky:


End Song "12 Days of Jingle Bingle" by Abs N' A Six Pack Podcast:

End Song "Once Again" by Salvage:


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