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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Apr 18, 2020

Mike and Cretched join the show / Where is Joe? / UFO sightings all across the USA / Drones of Starlink / Reviewing UFO views / Joe joins the show / Time is at a stand still / COVID Talk and routines / Is anyone listening?!?! / CV censorship / China really doesn't care for black people /  Kids need to train their parents / What are the real CV numbers? / Joe has a secret email concerning the CV Numbers /  Biden Clips 

#### NEWS ####
UFO armadas across United States during lockdowns confirmed by NASA space-based footage, dozens of videos

Residents report seeing lights over Valley sky

New Images of UFO Sighting over Encinitas, California, Taken on Same Night as Tom DeLonge’s Video

Ufo fleet. Detroit, Michigan April 2020

Monkey caught on camera flying kite on rooftop


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