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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Mar 26, 2020

Mike, Joe and Cretched join the show / Joe has been sick / Joe does not trust doctors / Alex Jones wants you to buy everything / No YouTube notifications / Missing 411 : People with memories / People blackout and go missing / Portals and Time Traveling possibility  / Chemtrails are back / National Parks are closing down / COVID stimulus / trillions of dollars and where it's going / Joe reads down the House Bill / Bad Media Math / Chinese Drones telling you want to do / Whats going on in Alaska / Virus Graphs and Curves / End



#### MISSING 411 : Blackout & Memories ####Yellowstone stays open despite calls to close gates as coronavirus spreads National Park closed to all visitors indefinitely due to coronavirus CLIP:
Name: Dale Stehling
Age: 51
Location: Mesa Verde National Park is in southwest Colorado==== CASES
Name: Helen Bogen
Age: 2.5
Date: Aug 1950
Location: Alberta
Situation: Was found 30hr after her disappearance on a near by abandoned farm, found naked and splashing around in an old bath tub. She remembers the night she went missing, she spent the night rested and listening on a hill. It was in the 40sName: Rhonda Cardinal
Age: 42
Date: July 2012
Location: Calling Late Alberta
Situation: Went Missing for about 2 weeks. She was found alive! She remembers blacking out, and living on berries. Removed her shoes.Name: Betty Wolfrum
Age: 4
Date: May 1934
Location: Moosehorn, Manitoba
Situation: Found 2 miles from her home. Found completely dry even though it was raining. A neightbors cow was also missing during that time. It cow came back milked.

#### NEWS #####
Coronavirus: This is what the $2 trillion stimulus bill means to you

Prince Charles tests positive for COVID-19


Arms over masks: India buys weapons from Israel as coronavirus cases spike

Instagram influencers slammed for ‘insensitive’ content during coronavirus outbreak

Singapore says its app can slow spread of coronavirus; critics say it’s government surveillance


A reported winged humanoid reported by security personnel at O’Hare Airport.

Survey Shows 50% Of Britons Believe Alien Invasion May Occur Within 50 Years

Michael Jackson is a TIME TRAVELLER – and this pic proves it

The Fans Who Refuse to Believe Michael Jackson Is Dead

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