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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Dec 19, 2019

Mike and Joe / YouTube Issues / New Jingle Bingle Shirts / Social Media and Impeachment / The Deep State Hailmary / Space Force Talk with new Defense Bill / Lieutenant General Steven L. Kwast on Space Force / China has a Space Navy / Mike wants a CyberTruck / Elon Musk and SpaceX / Space Dragon on Video / Brief history of dragons / Mesa AZ UFOs / Junkyard Calls / Air Force wants to release classified Space Craft / Man dress as alien to assult people / Joe hates the Boomers / John from Feme Region 3 / France Pention Protests / Mike tried to be an activist / Mike and Joe talk about people freaking out on social media / Mike trys to talk to people on Facebook / Mike is going to see Rise of Skywalker / Disney is failing / Artist in Norway craps out art / End

#### NEWS ####
Recently Retired USAF General Makes Eyebrow Raising Claims About Advanced Space Technology


UFO Sightings: “Huge UAP” Over California, Strange Lights in Mesa


NASA’s SpaceX launch captures ‘large flying object’ lurking around rocket

No Old Maps Actually Say ‘Here Be Dragons’


Caverns, Cauldrens and Concealed Creatures: Location 451
Hundreds of thousands protest in France over pension reform plans

Hongkongers living in mainland China say safety and friendships are on the line amid protests

Ghislaine Maxwell is in FBI witness protection because HER life is at risk over dirt on rich, conspiracy theorists claim

Mississippi man accused of quadruple homicide could walk away from jail after six trials

NORWAY: ‘Artist’ Who Spray-Paints with Anus Receives $4M in Public Funds

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