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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Nov 23, 2016

Clownbaby and Joe join the show / Listeners wanting to be on the show / Where is Seth ? / Wheel of OBDM / Alex Jones Clips of the week / Alex Jones at Thanksgiving / The Joe Show / George Soros Clips / What is Soros doing with his money / Soros in Haiti / Soros Russian Grudge / Kanye West Mental Break / Does Kanye know about some Hollywood conspiracies / The Mike Show / The Bigfoot UFO Connections in Pennsylvania / Dogman chases teenagers / Bigfoot Security for UFOs / People mistaking Bigfoot and Dogman / Phased Bigfoot Story on the Railroad Tracks / Time Magazine Mysteries of the Unknown / Break / Pop Culture / Military Jet Circling Denver / The Doomsday Plane / What were they training for / Headlines / 4k Footage of a UFO from a drone / EU Army / Mike continues his Facebook fight / Mark Hamill new show / Chine Man beats parents / Teenag Blood reverses aging / End / Preshow