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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Aug 30, 2016

Joe and Clownbaby join the show / Jimmey Kimmel vs Alex Jones / News propaganda and the Alt-Right / Lessie Jones Hack / BLM and the Tea Party / more on the Soros leak / Listener voicemail from Salvador / Is Trump a neo-con? / Who is worse, Trump or Hillary / our listeners are insane people / Man has sex with the road / Bad Road Jokes / KFC Commerical / Break, old podcast clip / Anthony Weiner / Alex Jones Clips of the week / A horrid call from the Snowman / The Whistleblower calls in / The Snowman calls be in, the bit is dead / The Pickle Conspiracy / Headlines / Mars test and International space travel / Radio Signals from other planets / new school at Sandy Hook / more JKF conspiracy stuff, again / Movies being made into TV shows / More democrats are fired over HRC Health / LePage voicemail / End