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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Aug 18, 2016

Joe and Clownbaby join the show / Jepordy / Johnny Rotten on the media in 2012 / Alex Jones Clips of the Week / Goblin News Rant / OBDM Voice Mails / Melvin a caller is in big trouble / The Joe Show / BLM and George Soros / BLM and reparations / How long should reparations last /  George Soros and German occupation / George Soros leaks and the European migraints / George Soros hates conspiracies / kurt vonnegut, harrison bergeron / Mr Crap Break / Clinton Cash Audio / Clownbaby news / Russian News Rodeo / Syrian, Iran Problems / Macho Man can solve the middle east problmes / Mike talks about palantir / palantir is crunching data and working its way into the inner cirlces of the pentagon / peter thiel, palantir, trump coonection / Dr. Drew and Hillary Clintons health / Headlines / Hell of a job Brownie / Cat takes down pitbulls / The Van Fucker Guy / Missing 411 in PA / NSA Hack / Politics and friends dont mix / Guy eats mans face / CNN Minneapolis riot / Anthony Wiener is back / End