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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Aug 5, 2016

Joe and Clownbaby join the show / Episode 500 / The Media vs Donald Trump / Unnamed Sources Say this and that / Drunk Mike Clips from the Past / Hillary Clinton wants to raise taxes on the middle class / HRC health could be a big issue / The Clintons are in bad health / Brazilian olympics are bad news / Mitchell calls in / olympians love to bang / South China Sea / China vs US / Thucydides conflict / Paul Bearer joins the show / Pauls comedy career is now going well / Some of the comedy crowds dont like Paul / Echo Calls in / Video Rental Stores are still a thing / Comments about the last podcast / Paul finishes his comedy story / Headlines / Poop Assult in NYC / Old Blowjob at Rest Stop / Uncle Eddie / Poop in Pizza Boxes / Spornosexuals / Dont Tread on me / Elvis Sighting / Souls on Camera / Trump is not stable / China Super Bus / Iran Hostage Deal Audio / Turtle Calls in / Whats up with Bradford / Hulk Hogan / Beheading videos / End