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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Jan 14, 2016

Joe and Clownbaby join the show / Joe is in Austin TX / Joe loves Texas / Mike is living in the cold, walking his dog / Listener Voice Mail / We need more ads in our podCast / Black Mirror Series on Netflix / Porkin' / Mike watched 'How to Make a Murderer' / Broken Justice System / Clownbaby's Skype Sucks, again / X-Files is Back / Human-Bigfoot War, Oklahoma, 1855 / 21 gun salute history / Wild Man of the Pyrenees / The Ohio Grassman / Bigfoot Sounds / US tourists claim to have filmed mysterious vortex of clouds and UFO / CERN Portal / Trump & Clinton Soundboard Fun / Joe is getting a gyrocopter / Art Bell / Joe rants about democrats and republicans / Headlines / Man fired for fart / Russian Hikers / Data Collection in Palo Alto / Clinton UFOs / Building on Fire Lady / Mel Gibson on the Golden Globes / End