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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Jul 3, 2015

Joe, Clownbaby and Bradford join the show / Through out this episode there are Skype issues, due to Bradford, we are blaming Bradford, plus we've been drinking a ton / The many names of Mike / Elder Scrolls Online / Bradford is now a Satanist / The 9 tenets of satanism / We all could be Satanists / Bradford has a flea market booth / Clownbaby got dressed down at work / Alex Jones Clips of the week / People need to except themselves / People attack themselves to become victims / Eric Holder Clips / Bradford is now making pancakes / World Trade / Man steals money from vagina / Google Phones apps is racist / White Terrorist Survey Update / Clownbaby brings the hard numbers / Mike is still horrid at spelling / Hulk Hogan In Court / Teenage Girl refuses to go to the bathroom / Trump Audio / College Rape / End / Preshow