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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Mar 13, 2015

Clownbaby joins the show / Mike is asking a favor from the listeners / Please subscriberto our youTube Channel / Mike talks about his interview with Roger and his camping life style / Man rolls around in crap / The Akron Poop Bandit / Turtle Calls In and we talk youTube / Art talk with talk / Pastor Manning / Starbucks Semen Coffee / Alex Jones Clip of the week / Canadian Intelligence Hanky Panky / Count down to Star Wars / Drunk Secret Service / 4k UFO Footage / Tom Rivers robs the same store / Unfriended horror movie / Mitchell calls in, we talk horror movies / Infowars Billboards around the country / Listener Voice Mail / Chuck E. Cheese mob attack / End / Preshow - Springfield Pervert Prank Call 

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