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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Jun 29, 2023

Mike and Cretched join the show / Message from Joe / Alex Jones Clips of the week / Sen. Marco Rubio on UFOs / Ancient Civilization and UFOs / Ultraterrestrial / Joe Biden confuses Iraq and Ukraine / Furry Hackers / The Empire Strips Back / Updated Cscar Meyer Battle Vehicles / Jetpack Pizza / James Camran on the Titan Sub / States most like to survive and alien invasion / EU Climate Modifications / 3 year old in jail for potty training / End

Top US officials have ‘first-hand knowledge’ of UFOs: Sen. Marco Rubio

GOP Congressman Suggests UFOs May Be 'Ancient Civilization'

Lockheed Martin - asking about rumors they've gotten recovered UAP

These states are most likely to survive an alien invasion, study shows

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