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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Jun 15, 2023

Mike, Charlie and the Natureboy join the show / Alex Jones clips of the week / Dr Steven Greer and more UFO whistleblowers / The South Pole Research Center / Skunkworks and Raytheon / Smuggling Humans in UFOs / The Stranger at the Pentagon / Suing the Deep State / Deep Underground Military Bases / The Man with the Golden Voice / Cursed Movies / Grand Canyon Death Park / Man locked out of house / AI Fast Food Order / AI Kidnapping / Buried Alive / End

South Pole. Eric Decker :

Mysteries revisited: 3 notoriously cursed horror movies

Family shocked as 'deceased' woman wakes up during her own wake

Grand Canyon National Park ranked the deadliest — with highest numbers of deaths, missing person reports since 2018

Arizona mom who fell victim to AI kidnapping scam testifies in Senate

Amazon shuts down customer's smart home for a week over 'racial slur'

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