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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Feb 26, 2022

Joe, Cretched and Mike join the show / Skin Talk / Mike has appeared on some podcast / Debra Gets Red Pilled / Deep Space Radar / Black Hole News / Simulated Reality talk / Russia to Drop ISS on Europe / What did this Ukraine thing start? / This Ukraine thing could have been prevented / NATO / 2014 in Ukraine / Gladio / The View / Stars Wars started this whole thing / Orbs over Europe / Open Lines / Bob calls in with Covid Penis / Farmer Matt sees a Bigfoot / Joe from the Legit Bat Podcast / Mountain Alcohol / The Wedding Stunt Chicken / End

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End Song: "Misled" By Mike(1point3) and Spanky

End Segment: OBDM027 "Spanky got strip-searched"

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