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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Oct 16, 2021

Mike, Clownbaby and Cretched join the show / Columbus Area Abductions / Underwear on car doors / Is this real? / GHB used in malls / Cretched thinks this is all BS / Mike can find no evidence of Underwear Abductions either / Striketober and supply chain problems / Shirk-flation / Albert Einstein visited Roswell Aliens / NJ UFOs or Drones / Open Lines / Hollywood Strike / asteroid hits womans bed / NASA to visit asteroids / Lucy in the sky / Most Popular Halloween Candy / End

End Song: "Dead Flowers" by Salvage (Rolling Stones Cover)

Albert Einstein was flown to US to look at aliens and UFOs, assistant claims

Nuclear bombs could be key to saving Earth from asteroids, scientists claim

'Striketober' signals 'tremendous sacrifice' — but workers say it has been a long time coming

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