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Our Big Dumb Mouth

May 15, 2021

Mike and Cretched Join the show / The Cave of Honor / Skinwalker Ranch Season 2 / The Ghost Hacker on the ranch / Travis Taylor and missing time on Skinwalker ranch / Tucker on underwater UFOs / Open Lines / NOFX offends some country music people / What is Punk Rock Bowling / Man Scams KFC in China / End

End Song: "Irrational Device" by Them Teeth



Current Politicians Interested in Skinwalker Ranch Says Owner


Mysterious attacks more common than realized

NOFX drop off Punk Rock Bowling after “hate messages and threats”

Aussie woman wakes up from surgery on tonsils speaking in IRISH accent

Ordering Loophole Allows Student to Eat for Free at KFC for Six Months


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