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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Dec 31, 2020

Mike and Cretched join the show / Checkout the best of OBDM 2020 news on YouTube / The Nashville Bombing / ABC News / Strange RV pictures / Bombing Theories / David Knight fired from InfoWars / Election Conspiracies not panning out / Evidence does not matter anymore / Jetpack man sighting / Open lines / Jordan and Teddy call in / Biden and Harris in office talk / UFO Talk / Blowtorch calls in / Is Alex Jones a disinfo agent / Mike goes on to the Command Center bridge to talk about Star Trek / COVID-19 bill and UFO Disclosure / 180 days / Strange Headlines / Scotty from Star Trek in Space / Dune Movie / Star Wars Mandolorian talk / End

End "Puppy Fresh - ButtMilk" Bit by BigDom, checkout his Prank call show:

End Song by Spanky. Check out his YouTube Show, "Whatever Spanky" :


#### OBDM864 NEWS & NOTES #####
Man allegedly responsible for Nashville explosion killed in blast l GMA

Body camera video offers chilling view of the events surrounding Nashville bombing

INSIDE EDITION : Pilot Who Filmed Jet Pack Flier Speaks About Unreal Spotting : VIDEO

Unknown person appears to be flying jetpack at 3,000 feet : VIDEO

U.S. to Allow Small Drones to Fly Over People and at Night

Police shut down Christmas mall kiosk after intoxicated Santa, Mrs. Claus and elf had threesome in public

The Unlikely Success Story of a Man Who Gets Paid to Do Nothing

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