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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Apr 16, 2020

Mike, Joe and Cretched join the show / CV updates and lockdown / Mike goes over the movie "Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind" / how to contact aliens / Project Blue Beam / Meditation and contact / Skinwalker Connection / Headlines / Come On Man, Biden / Come on, man / Mars is Melting / End 

#### Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind and Skinwalker Ranch ####
‘Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind’: Film Review

UFO armadas across United States during lockdowns confirmed by NASA space-based footage, dozens of videos

New Images of UFO Sighting over Encinitas, California, Taken on Same Night as Tom DeLonge’s Video

Dean Radin on Global Consciousness, Parapsychology, and Psychic Research

9/11 and Global Consciousness

#### NEWS ####

Skinwalker Ranch Manager Shares Video of Strange Occurrence

Indonesian Man Sentenced to Over Two Years in Prison for Claiming Ex-Wife’s Privates Smelled Like Salted Fish

Wet wipes clog all four pumps at Florida wastewater facility

New York Man Uses Dating Flyers to Find “Germ-Free Girlfriend”

Groundhog enjoys a slice of pizza outside Philadelphia woman’s glass door

An MIT Lab Is Building Devices to Hack Your Dreams

The new iPhone SE shows Apple’s other phones were overpriced all along
BIDEN: Come on Man

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