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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Mar 18, 2016

Bryce, Joe and Clownbaby joined the show / -- I know the podcast has gotten too political lately, tis the season, but next episode we will get back to the paranormal and conspriacies -- / Joe is in Austin for SXSW / HTC virtual reality / Is this bad for us / Block Chain Voting / Political Talk Starts, it ends at 50:00 / Mike talks about voting / RNC says your vote does not matter / hypocrite trump protesters / Trump Shaming / Oh, thats Gay - Joe's story / Hillary War Crimes / nigel farage EU Audio / End Political Talk / Alex Jones Clips of the week / Donations / Listen email aobut audio help / Headlines / Russia Backs out of Syria and on to North Korea / North Korea Propaganda / Dangerous Hashtags / Robot Waiters / Simpons Trump Predictions / India Witch / Dial a Jew / Snowman Song / End