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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Feb 26, 2016

Joe and Clownbaby join the show / Mike has been sick / Forced to due mushrooms / Mr False Flag / Alex Jone Clips of the Week / Joe met Adam Curry from The Agenda Show in Austin Texas / Joe will meet Adam Curry for Coffee / People are calling us cunts on youTube / Gordon Ramsy / We talk about working as cooks, growing up in the 90s / Have sex with everyone you can / Sex is bad / The Snowman / NASA Chemtrails / George Bush and UFOs / AirBnb / We call Kate, AirBnb Chicago Owner / Bad AirBnb renters / Can you make money at AirBnb / Kate is hot /  CCAD 1996 poop on the dance floor / Lance for CCAD / Headlines / Star Trek New Series / Apple FBI Phone / Politics at work / Black Knight UFO / End