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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Dec 10, 2015

Bryce and Clownbaby join the show / The Heroes Welcomes / Leather Boys / Alex Jones Clips of the Week / The Knick TV Show / 70's Porn / Blowhard sent in some news / San Bernardino shooting / 3 Shooters not 2 / Failed FBI Operation in San Bernardino / Pirate Bay isn't working / 28k peer to peer loan / Trump is not the end of the world / Clownbaby's new audio setup / No one really cares about gun violence / Pastor David Manning Audio / So many people hate Trump, he's doing something right / Gas Problems /  AI and social media / AI propaganda / IBM AI / Headlines / Zomibe Jesus / New Age Quotes / Mike tells a story about drinking with Jason and Bryce / Mike is failing at youTube / Bryce thinks Mike should go to Public Access / The Guys touch on Missing 411 / Cops don't want to be drug tested / Lesbian sperm donor / End