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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Nov 5, 2015

Joe and Clownbaby join the show / Clownbaby gets too drunk sometimes / Mike talks about Ohio Voting / Voting or Weed / Clownbaby's skype cuts / jonJey Comms interveiw / jonJey's background / Conspiracies and jonJey / Interview End at 40min / Growing Hurts / Alex Jones Clips of the week / Listener Emails, Voicemail and comments / Joe is angry about Climate Change  at 1:10:00 / We talk about the data and politics of climaet change for the first time / Climate Change Scientist Notes / Steve Perry Oh Sherri / ISS UFO Footage / Europeon Migrant crisis / Skype Audio Buzzing Issues / Trust your fellow man / The state of cable companies / Headlines / Uber Driver Fight / Police Steal from Cars to teach a lesson / Tupac is still alive / End / Project Zomboid Preshow Talkw