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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Oct 8, 2015

Clownbaby and Sober Joe join the show / Oregon Shooting and Gun Control / The Russian knew about the Oregon Shooter / Porn Clips / Mike Theory on why guns are A OK / Oregon Shooting Conspiracy Audio / William Copper / Gun Control / More Porn Clips / Bernie Sanders Audio on guns / Abortion Guns / Go ahead and move to North Korea / Everyone Loves to give up their rights / Mike tries to read a UFO story, but the alcohol kicks / NASA Black Triangle / Are We the Bad Guys / Neo-Fascism / Mike is a drunk who makes a lot of stuff / Project Zomboid / Mars Slave Camps / Doctors without Borders / USA set up to fail / Obama does not want to be a part of this mess in the middle east / America's Wonder Weapons / Rodney Dangerfield on Carson / Current Stand Up Comedy / Suicide Pills / Nigel Farage Audio / EU News / World Wide Civil Wars / Headlines / Mac Cheese Arrest / Kentucky Goblins / Mike Continues to drink / 911 sex call / End / Preshow