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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Oct 2, 2015

Clown and Left Wing Hollywood Douche Bag Joe join the show / Oregon shooting / Russia in Syria / McCain on Syria / Assad has to go / China in the Middle East / Chinese Terror Attack / The Family Fued Middle Edition / Manson Family Fued / The Grand Chess Board / Alex Jones Clips of the week / Draw Bridge of Donation / Is Alex Jones a CIA Agent / We talk about Disinfo / Reality has nothing to offer the delusional / Reality Shaming / Everyone is an expert / Reality has Flipped / Mars Talk / Captian K Martian Marine / Secret Missions to Mars / The Phobos Incident / Headline / Missing Nazi Gold in Poland / Mad Max Festival / Joe Fights City Taxes / The Conspiracy of Conspiracy Theories / Chinese Micro Pigs / India Poop Shame / Are we living in an alternate universe / Berenstain Bears universe Split / Apple Drone App / Edward Snowden hands / Remember Things Different timelines / Cern Timelines / End / Preshow