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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Oct 25, 2013

Clownbaby and Joe join the show / Mike blacked out / Chinese Dog Treats / Black Man Arrested for Buying Belt / New Alex Jones Clips / Clownbaby made a Clip for NA / new website at OBDM.ME / Voice from Ben problems / Acient Aliens / Underwater Cities / Grid X / Power Grid Test / Food Stamp Riot / Animals Predict EarthQuakes / Headlines / Kid spends 100k to look like Justin Beiber / Congress Shuts down for vacation to Florida / Blindman in Car Chase / Mike Myers Baby Conan Clip / Obama Fainters / Man Urinates in Water / Verizon wants to Control the Tubes /  Police vs Army / Pepper Spray Cop gets 40k /  Hardcore Dance Audio Clip / School Fakes Terror Attack to prepare kids / End