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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Jun 27, 2024

Midnight Mike and Cretched / No Joe / Alex Jones Clips of the week / Dr. Disrespect is a creep / Echos of the Future / Emotional Events in the Future / Psychic Abilities are real / Peru Alien Mummy Bodies are real / Drunk Redneck UFO Video / Repeat Giant Story / Dyson Spheres / Nuke Prank / The Putin Tour / WHO Vaccine Recommendations / Ohio Weed Laws / Hacker Takes Cars / Shatner Fish Video / The Line City / Robot Skin / The Chocking Raccoon / End

2025 : Echos of the Future

Daryl Bem, Psi, Memory Working Backwards

Dead Radin: Electrodermal presentiments of future emotions

'Psychic Spying' Research Produces Credible Evidence

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