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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Sep 16, 2023

Mike, Joe and Cretched join the show / NASA are liars / NASA UAP press conference / UAP Origin according to NASA / NASA not looking at classified data / Mexican Alien talk / NASA concealing interesting UFO Photos / Gary McKinnon Hacker / Airplane news / Lost Moon Data / Biden Impeachment Hearing / Ukraine is important / No evidence on Biden / WEF wants to call twitter / No need for voting anymore / Carbon Pricing / Deranged Puppet of Putin / Open Lines / Podcasting 2.0 / One Chip Challenge fallout / Weenend at Bernies in Peru / Cursed Painting / Long Johns Silver and Pirate Talk / Pirate Battles in Oakland / End

 NASA admits it can’t identify mysterious flying objects, appoints first UFO director

James Fox NASA Question:

Don't forget Donna Hare, former NASA employee: “We have many high-resolution photos of UFOs or alien spacecraft and I can testify before Congress.”

'Alien corpses' claim attracts widespread criticism from scientists

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