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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Dec 29, 2022

Mike, Joe and Cretch join the show / Alex Jones clips of the week / cell phones suck / 2023 Predictions from Baba and Nostradamus / Robot Wombs / Alien Disclosure in 2026 / NBA players moving in strange ways / YouTube Singer Died / The 2025 Catastrophic Contagion / Bill Gates in back / Elon and the new Twitter Files / Limited Hangout? / Intelligence working in Big Tech / The A - Z of prepping / End

What will happen in 2027? Does Elon know? Is that why the elites are building giant underground cities (Boring) and currently building bases on the moon for Elon/Elites to go to Mars (SpaceX)

Blind mystic Baba Vanga's eerie 2023 predictions – solar storms and deadly bio-weapons

Nostradamus predictions for 2023: An antichrist arrives, World War III and the monarchy dies


John Ramirez CIA (Ret), UFOs, the CIA & More : TIME STAMP about 2027 Disclosure

Bill Gates announces the next pandemic date and outbreak location

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