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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Nov 26, 2022

Mike and Cretched join the show / Mike talking about the state of the show for 5min / Graham Hancock and the Ancient Apocalypse / The Media hates Graham Hancock / Testing if we are in a simulation / Bigelow and DeSantis and UFOs / Hillary on UFOs / Trump on Roswell / Bigfoot are the originals / Another Cursed Doll / Sexy Smokey the Bear on Thanksgiving / Secret Agent at Disney / Forcing Fun in France / Can you fight animals? / End

End Song: "V is for Victory" by Fucktown Power Boys

With Netflix's Ancient Apocalypse, Graham Hancock has declared war on archaeologists

Why Graham Hancock thinks everything we know about human prehistory is wrong

Expert Proposes a Method For Telling if We All Live in a Computer Program

Couple claim 'possessed' doll has caused car crashes and illnesses

Bigfoot hunter says humanity is an alien species that took Earth from sasquatches


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