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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Feb 17, 2016

Joe and Clownbaby join the show / Joe and Bryce's argument from last week / 10 years can make a difference / Hillary Dog Bark / Trump Vs Bush Debate Clip / Trump attacks Bush / Obama Comments on UFOs on the Ellen Show / Indirect Alien Communication / The Law is built for the government / Mike loves the blarney stone / Cruz vs Trump Debate Clip / Power Cumming Research Institute Clips / Bigfoot Sighting in Utah / Mike talks about the Deadpool movie / Movie Talk / Scalia Death Conspiracy / Supreme Court Cases Coming / Headlines / Kanye West 53million in debt / kanye west wants to work at Facebook / How does Facebook make money? / Meth Fart Explosion / Young in DC, being used like a toilet / Japanese Taxi Ghost / Government Suspicious Meme Database / Looking for people to contribute to the website /  End / Preshow  /