Mike, Joe and Clownbaby are back. Mike is in his new studio and everything is right with the world. The guys talk about the #UniteTheRight March, but before the car attack happened. They then talk about all the weird stuff going on around the total eclipse. They talk calls and fun is had by all.


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Mike is moving and need to take a week off. Here's an episode from 2011 or 2010. Maybe 2012. We don't know. 

New OBDM content will be back next week. Bigtime.

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Joe and Mike hold down the show. Clownbaby is wasted and passes out half way through the show. Damn!!!  Seth Rich, Bigfoot videos, and movie trailers. It's all happening



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Joe and Clownbaby joins the show / Joe and angry at work / Mike went to Pittsburgh / Mike still has a love life / midNight Mike is moving / Clintonville / Seth Rich / Trump and Seth Rich / FoxNews and Russian Hacking / Wikileaks and Seth Rich / Chris Cuomo vs Ed Butowksy / Failed Audio / Break / Joe loves living by himself / Toad Road / The Hidebehinds / Mike is having trouble reading and talking / Toad Road White Creature / Green Bigfoot / Missing 411 Segment / Valley Girl Talk Headlines / End / Preshow

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Mike, Joe and Clownbaby take calls about monsters, hackers and what not. It's an OK just. Not great, not bad, but right in the middle. Oh there's some JFK conspiracy talk too.

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ...

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Joe and Clownbaby joins the show / Joe likes shotguns / Snopes GoFundMe Problems / The Boggy Creek Monster / Small Town Monster / What does the Monster look like / Every OBDM show is the same show / Boggy Balls / North American Ape / Invasions at chestnut ridge / UFO Crash in Pennsylvania / Break / Bills / Monsters: Talking About Them / Chapman Family Bigfoot Story / Bigfoot in the Bathroom / The Joe Show / Kurt Eichenwald could be a bad dude / Headlines / Awan Brothers IT and the DNC / Clinton Hitlist / Emoji Movie / The Poop Bandits / Anti-Drone Laser / Street Legal Dude / End / Preshow


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Mike and Joe has a nice long talk about absolutely nothing. They take calls and a few drinks and basically just chill. Basically. Oh yeah, Joe get's super hammered.


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Joe and Clownbaby joins the show / Mike is hung over / 3Teeth Show / Coco Loco / OBDM Bitcoin / Missing 411 / Neanderthals and Bigfoot / People being hunting by groups of bigfoot / Human-Ape Hybrids by Stalin / Genesplicing / Minneapolis Shooting / Austrailian Woman Shot by cops / Fake Shooting Conspiracy / Strange Dad Rubbing / Break / Up Hill Battle / Alex Jones Folk Song / Looking back at some Alex Jones Rants / Headlines / Mikes bad idea about hiring cops / Yeah, right like thats going to happen / NASA, strange sounds from space / OJ Caught Masturbating in Prison / iPhone Pro / Pittsburgh Garbage Fire / Universal Income / Robots Displacing workers / Local News Report on Bigfoot / macafee and bitcoin / Fermi Paradox / Awake Dating / End / Preshow Piss /


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Mike talks about a 1893 Book that has a character named Baron Trump, who travels to inner Earth to reach Russia. It's all crazy. People call in and Joe and Clownbaby are there too. Clownbaby snorts some strange stuff he bought off Amazon. He's pretty much insane.


Time Traveling Trump

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Joe and Clownbaby joins the show / New Audio Clips / Mike goes straight into a Chemtrails segment / Frankenskies Movie / The US Government has tried to control the weather since the 1950s / UK Government weather program may have killed 35 people / HAARP and Chemtrails / Bye Bye Blue Sky / Sulfuric Acid Geoengineering / The Theories behind the Chemtrails / Project Indigo Skyfold / Terraforming / ET Chemtrails / Break / Listener Donations / Please use Patreon to support the show / Mike bitches about Skype again / Monsters: Talking about them / The Attack at Ape Canyon / Humans shoot at Bigfoot near Mount St Helen / Mike is in pain and is pissed about stuff / Voicemails and Emails / Missing 411 Talk / Headlines / Trump Jr Emails / 75,000 mile Sunspot / Ouija board jury / Yellowstone Volcano will kill all / The Rock is running for office / Hulk Hogan / End / Preshow 


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