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Our Big Dumb Mouth

May 11, 2017

Joe and Clownbaby join the show / Mike is trying to reach new listeners / Oreilly Pub put up a sign / Is a bar a Safe Space? / Social Justice Warriors and Safe Spaces / Instagram gets kid in trouble at school / Facebook is chaning the timeline for emotional teens / Missing Person in yosemite / Missing 411 / Sucking King...

May 6, 2017

It's the Saturday Hangover Show!!! We talk about the Health Care Outrage, YouTube Losing more ads and there's tons of talk about UFOs, Rods and Military Aircraft.

May 4, 2017

Joe and Clownbaby join the show / The Bill Orielly Podcast is boring / Mike wants to fight Bill Orielly / Steven Colbert is a homophobe / Joe rants again about the left - right media / Technical problems / Bill Nye and only 2 genders / Break / Mike wants to teach Joe programming / Operation Snow White /...

Apr 30, 2017

Hey! It's the Saturday Hang Over Show, episode 10. This is a youTube show that we do on the weekend. We've done 10 so far, but this is the first one to be released in Audio Only Format, for your podding pleasure.



Safe for Work Porn / Mike does not need an intern / Mastodon Social Network / Alex Jones Custody...

Apr 28, 2017

Joe and Clownbaby join the show / OBDM is on the correct side time / Mike went to Pittsburgh / Mike wants a car / The Joe Show / April 26th / Everyone in news is a hypocrite / rachel maddow clips / conspiracies work when you want them to / neil degrasse tyson and the tooth fairy / Bill Nye Population Control / Break /...