Joe and Clownbaby joins the show / New Audio Clips / Mike goes straight into a Chemtrails segment / Frankenskies Movie / The US Government has tried to control the weather since the 1950s / UK Government weather program may have killed 35 people / HAARP and Chemtrails / Bye Bye Blue Sky / Sulfuric Acid Geoengineering / The Theories behind the Chemtrails / Project Indigo Skyfold / Terraforming / ET Chemtrails / Break / Listener Donations / Please use Patreon to support the show / Mike bitches about Skype again / Monsters: Talking about them / The Attack at Ape Canyon / Humans shoot at Bigfoot near Mount St Helen / Mike is in pain and is pissed about stuff / Voicemails and Emails / Missing 411 Talk / Headlines / Trump Jr Emails / 75,000 mile Sunspot / Ouija board jury / Yellowstone Volcano will kill all / The Rock is running for office / Hulk Hogan / End / Preshow 


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Mike and Joe take calls and talk about chupacabra. Stan from Alaska calls in about the universal basic income. 


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Joe joins the show / independence day / Mike got a car, finally / #CNNBlackmail / Doxxing HanAssoleSolo / CNN is losing it / Did CNN break the law / The Streisand Effect / Listen Emails and Voicemails / What news sources does OBDM use and trust? / Donate to OBDM / Break / Mike was doing hand stands with Nicole / Are Faries and Aliens the same thing? / The Similarities between UFOs and Folklore / Ultraterrestrial Theory / 3D Scanning Haunting Objects / Headlines / Vatican Police broke up gay orgy / Amelia Earhart Mystery solved / Buzzfeed declares war on 4chan / CIA influening Hollywood and TV shows / Wikileaks / Universal Basic Income / End / Preshow

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Mike, Joe and Clownbaby are back for another weekend show about really strange stuff. Rob Lowe has a new TV show about tracking down bigfoot and hunting UFOs. NASA says they don't enslave children and force them to work on Mars. Yeah, right.


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Joe and Clownababy join the show / Mike went to Ikea / Joe got into an argument at work with an SJW / Mike talks about the UFO Documentary: Unacknowledged / Super Secret Space Program / Alien False Flag / Biological Robots / The Joe Show / CNN caught lying about Trump and Russia / Break / Monsters, Talking about them / Gargoyles in Pennsylvania / Headlines / Han Solo Movie / Covert Ops in the Sudan / Alaskan Stan calls in about the USS Fitzgerald conspiracy / End / Preshow

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Mike, Clownbaby and Joe are back and talking about a range of topics including: Sobriety, Planet X, Dogman Video and recent Ministry of Defense X-File release. Clownbaby is eating jalapeno. People call in and fun is had, once again.


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Joe and Clownbaby join the show / Mike talks about his personal life / Mike dives deep into his dating life / Mike really liked Nicole / Emotional Mike is here / Mike realized what happened / Father Time Sucks / 100% Mike / Missing 411 Update in Pitts / Surviver man Missing 411 / Dulce Alien Base / Break / Alex Jones and Megan Kelly / Headlines / Majestic 12 / Hilter is back in a big way / Father forces kids to sell durgs / end / preshow

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We go over a bunch of different news and topics. 

Amazon Buys Whole Foods:

NBC Alex Jones Interview:

UFOs Falling to Earth:

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Joe and Clownbaby join the show / Comey FBI Stuff / Russia HACKS / Gamne of Cards / Megan Kelly and Alex Jones / London Building Fire / DC Shooting / Headlines /Look, mike cant type all this shit right now

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This is a very silly show. Some people are upset about the new Wonder Man actress. We then take calls about favorite animals and other stupid topics.


When Will Wonder Woman Be a Fat, Femme Woman of Color?


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