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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Jun 13, 2019

Mr.Falcon and the Rascal are back / Mike got married / Joe talks about getting married / Night Vision UFO spotting / Mike saw a bunch of UFOs / #VoxAdpocalypse / Mainstream Media vs YouTube / Crowder vs Vox / Cnet vs TheQuartering / Pinterest Dislikes Conservatives / History Channel: Unidentified / Leaked Navy UFO Documents / Teddy Speg calls in / What is comoing? / Loch Ness Monster Maybe Real / Bill Maher thinks Trump will Stay in Office / Woman Loses Memory over pooping / Hong Kong Protests / Information Control / Telsa Trump Connection / Mike from NB calls in / Straight Pride Parade / End


#### NEWS #####

Richard Dolan: Leaked UFO Notes on Vice Admiral Thomas R. Wilson

Leaked UFO Documents:

Hong Kong plunged into political crisis after huge protest against extradition law

Loch Ness Monster ‘might’ be real, according to new scientific study

He asked the FBI to analyze ‘Bigfoot’ hair 40 years ago and never heard back. Until now.

Tom DeLonge’s Origin Story For To The Stars Academy Describes A Government UFO Info Operation

Pentagon: “Mr. Elizondo Had No Responsibilities with Regard to the AATIP Program While He Worked in the Office of Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence”

Constipated woman ‘lost 10 years of memory’ after straining too hard on toilet

The next big thing in fashion? Not washing your clothes

Milo Yiannopoulos named marshal for ‘Straight Pride’ parade : VIDEO

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