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Our Big Dumb Mouth

May 9, 2019

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#### MONSTER MAY ####
Catching a Leprechaun: A Modern Morality Tale

#### NEWS ####
Dinosaurs ‘would be with us today’ if their ‘sex lakes’ didn’t disappear, expert claims

Rare Condition Causes Teen’s Short Term Memory to Reset Every Day

‘Dystopian approach’: SEC gives blessing to MasterCard’s idea of cutting off right-wingers

A photo of a shoe has officially baffled the internet
“If your right brain is dominant, you will see combination of pink and white color, and if your left brain is dominant, you will see it in grey and green color”

An Intro to Figging—The Kink Where You Put Ginger in Your Butt

Disney announces release dates for new Star Wars, Avatar and Marvel movies

A tectonic plate may have peeled apart—and that could shrink the Atlantic Ocean

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