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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Aug 10, 2018

Guest Hosts: Grim and James :

Missing 411 auther : David Paulides : website:
Buy Books directly from their site, not Amazon:

Missing 411 Profile Points:
• Canines Can’t Find Scent - 99% of the time they can’t find the scent or aren’t interested
• Weather - Tends to impact search & recuse efforts
• Victims found in Area Previously Search - Fog, Blizzard just seem to appear when the search begins
• Missing Clothes or Shoes - often times victims are found without shoes or pieces of clothing
• Time of Disappearance - Late afternoon or early evening
• Disability or Illness -
• Missing are Often Found Near Creeks, Rivers, Ponds, Lakes and Steams
• Boulders and Granite
• Swamp and Bogs
• Point of Separation (not a normal profile point) - Single or lone hikers are more aware of their surroundings than groups of hikers

• Equipment Malfunctions - Compass, GPS


The Ultraterrestrial/Interdimensional, Fairy, Missing 411 connection explained perfectly.

Missing 411 Remote Viewing Project

Remote Viewing Skinwalker Ranch

Authorities find 51 of 76 missing children during Genesee County sweep

OUT OF THIS WORLD NASA astronaut reveals spotting ‘alien-like, organic object’ floating near him on space shuttle mission

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