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Our Big Dumb Mouth

Nov 11, 2013

Spanky joins the show with fresh socks on / Bill Oriely / Spanky Hates World War Z / Mike watched After Earth and it was not good / Blazer In the Morning / Syndicated TV Show / The Relator Returns / Greazy Talk / Man, you are so Phony / Secret Camera Shows / Mike's not a good driver / Man falls asleep on another man on the subway, he's a hero / Clownbaby calls in about Twitter IPO / Headlines / Russian Hockey Song Audio / 75 year old pimp / Cage Fighting Children / New Mexico Anal Probe Continues / Spank can't believe most of these news stories are real / Lightning Strikes  Clown / What news stories are real? / Make Breaks Windows at Alice Cooper Restaurant / Mike and Spanky take a deepr look into Cooperstowns Sports Bar / Cooperstown Menu / End